Oil Spill & Response Section

BMDS has developed an effective team which has been trained in the use of oil spill equipment and rapid response and spill containment. Members of the team are all efficient in the use of oil spill equipment such absorbent, booms , blotters, anchors, buoys, towing bridges, oil dispersant and chemicals. They are competent in handling oil dispersants, spray chemicals, pumps, compressors, and oil recovery machines, various types of oil skimmers, fast tank collectors and accessories in accordance with customer and BMDS procedures. The team is equally effective in combating oil spill on land.

This competent team is regularly trained and brought up-to-date with the use of new equipment. The Team involves in major exercises carried out by our Client and Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL). This creates greater awareness of essential activities that need to be addressed during the various phases of the response process