The years of experience and a strong company reputation make us the ideal choice for all types of long term and short-term projects. We offer specialized commercial diving services such as underwater CCTV installation, underwater photography, welding, cutting and inspection of pipelines, cleaning and maintenance of pump intakes, pipe line installations and ship hull surveys. Our rigging services include Hiabs, cranes and marine rigging. We are also adept at fabricating steel structures and Oil & Gas pipelines to custom specifications.

In summary, BMDS provides the following specialist services:

  • Rigging
  • Commercial Diving
  • Provision of Decompression Chamber
  • Marine Structure
  • Pipeline Fabrication
  • Hot Tapping
  • Oil Spill & Renting of Supersuckers
  • Renting of cranes, Hiabs, Low beds, Waste skips, Compressors, Generators, and Pontoons.
  • Oil Storage Tank Cleaning and Desludging
  • Pressure Gauge Calibration
  • Air Quality Testing
  • First Aid Trainers.