QHSE Policy

BMDS Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Bahrain Maintenance & Diving Services (BMDS) aims to offer high quality services and competent manpower resources for the provision of Commercial Diving, Rigging, Mechanical Fabrication and Renting of Heavy Mechanical Equipment.

The Management of BMDS is committed to:

  • Provide a Quality services to its customers within the scope of our operations.
  • Prevention of injury and ill health of its employees, suppliers, contractors and customers
  • Prevention of Environmental Pollution forms part of its scope of operations
  • Compliance with relevant Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System requirements
  • Compliance with relevant applicable Quality, Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental legislations and with other requirements relating to the Company’s Quality, Occupational Health & Safety Hazards and Environmental impacts
  • Continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management System through setting objectives, targets and reviewing performance

In order to effectively implement the QHSE Policy, the following objectives are currently being pursued.

  • Establish, and effectively maintain a documented Integrated Management System as per the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001:2004.
  • Establish and maintain an organizational structure for Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management.
  • Ensure that all our employees understand this Policy, are aware of their responsibility to perform their duties in line with the requirements of this Policy and ensuring that they take such responsibility for their work.
  • Ensuring effective communication of Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management to all employees and other interested parties.
  • Performance of the Quality, Health, and Safety & Environmental Management System is monitored through periodic reviews by Company senior management.
  • Ensure policy remains relevant to our goals and targets.
  • Setting up, monitoring, measurement and achievement of objectives and target as per requirements of this policy
  • Focus on the customer and offer the best quality products and services
  • Understand and achieve customer requirements, their expectation and utmost satisfaction.
  • Comply with applicable legal and other governmental and International requirements.
  • Setting specific objectives and measuring system for continual improvement:
    • 1. To prevent injury and ill health by having controls and providing safe working environment :
    • 2. To prevent Pollution within the scope of organization, activities and services
  • Regular reviews to measure and improve the Management System.
  • Provide safe working environment to our employees, customers and subcontractors.

Corporate Safety and Security

BMDS believes that Safety compliances and awareness are playing vital role in providing healthy work environment for its employees. Safety awareness program is designed and progressed through several phases to ensure the ultimate objectives set in the QHSE Policy are successfully achieved. Safety induction courses are arranged for new joiners. At working level, weekly Tool Box Talks and Weekly safety training presentations are conducted discussing subjects such as the use of PPE, Body Protection, working at Height, Confined Space and other similar subjects. An Annual Safety Plan is prepared and updated regularly. All safety and security breaches are analyzed and root cause failures are identified

BMDS Technical and Social Responsibilities

  • Respect within the industry – BMDS work with its peers and customers on the basis of mutual respect
  • Adherence to ethical code of conduct
  • Continued development of products and services which will improve the quality and the speed of service
  • Special emphasis on the Health and Safety of employees as well as protection of Environment, to minimize risk to the human being and reduce pollution.
  • Encouraging employees to enroll for further education and training
  • A safe and harmonious working environment by regular weekly meeting over lunch and monthly QHSE meetings with active participation of the employees.

BMDS has great sense of responsibility towards the community which has been expressed through participation in technical and EHS exhibitions and employment of handicapped Bahrainis.