Ehs Section

This Section is responsible for all EHS matters, Security and provision of Safety Officers and watchmen during work execution. BMDS meet or exceed all the HSE requirements of all major clients.

Tank Cleaning and Desludging

BMDS possesses a fleet of 4 super suckers, combination trucks which are used for cleaning oil storage tanks by removing sludge and waste oils using very high performance vacuum pumps with the capacity of removing waste at more than 12000CM. The trucks can also clean sewers and sewer lines using high pressure pump with a pressure of more than 170 bars.

All the trucks are capable of entering hazardous areas as they are fitted with the following :

  • The superstructure (Tank body) complies with the German regulations for the transport of hazardous goods
  • Gas detection system with solenoid shut off valve which immediately shuts off diesel to the engine on detecting flammable gases
  • Intake Air Shut-off Valve. The air intake shut-off valve prevents diesel engine runaway in an atmosphere contaminated with hydrocarbons. The diesel engine self destruct even if the engine primary source of fuel is taken away.

The trucks are regularly maintained and inspected by third parties.