Operations Department

This is by far the most important Department, the main function of which is to provide service to the Client. It consists of the following main Sections:

Rigging Section

This Section is dedicated to the provision of cranes and riggers either on term contracts or on rental basis. The cranes and hiabs are all certified by Third Party as well as well as the Client in certain cases. Currently, the largest crane owned by BMDS is 200 ton. All Riggers are certified by the client or third party. In many occasions, cranes and riggers are seconded to the Client, principally during their shutdown. BMDS has an excellent record in this field and has received many letters of thanks and appreciation from the clients.

Diving Section

BMDS was initially established in 1970’s by a team of professional divers consisting of the current Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Musayeb and two other professional colleagues. BMDS started providing industrial diving to BAPCO first and then expanded to other companies. It is now over 35 years that BMDS provide professional service to BAPCO and have been taking care of all Bapco marine facilities. BMDS also provide industrial diving services to ALBA, Banagas , EWA and Hidd Power Stations and other companies involved in marine services.

Mechanical Section

This Section consists of certified Coded Welders, Fabricators, Metal Trades, Fitters, etc. All Mechanical Contracts are carried out by this Section. These skilled workers are often utilized in shutdown work and for carrying out difficult and sensitive work.